Technical Delivery Lead


Job description

As a Technical Delivery Lead you will be accountable for software delivery, leading a multi-disciplined, highly skilled, and motivated team or teams. You will be accountable for determining ‘how’ to achieve the agreed business outcome, for iteratively delivering it, and for optimizing your team’s productivity and personal development.

Taking the technical strategy from the Head of Technology and working with the Technical Lead, you will define the needs of the work in hand to deliver the prioritized backlog. You will work with the team to agree the appropriate solution and ensure that the team fully understands the appropriate balance of risk and quality that needs to be achieved.

You will build high-performing teams of creative, highly skilled individuals who are driven towards continuous improvement and you will be a role model for these behaviours.

What you will be doing

·        Work with the Product Owner to translate business requirements into a realistic action plan

·        Backlog management

·        Match the deliverables of the roadmap and what needs to be achieved against the capacity and capability of the team

·        Maintain awareness of the needs of the customer during the delivery process

·        Provide high level estimates to the Product Owner, measure the accuracy of those estimates and work to continually improve the estimation process

·        Prioritise the order of work required to deliver maximum business value as early as possible

·        Full accountability for the end-to-end delivery of software solutions

·        Iteratively deliver software which achieves objectives using the appropriate agile methodology ensuring just enough process is used

·        Lead the collaborative dynamic planning process

·        Ensure all products are built to the highest level of quality appropriate to business objectives with performance, maintainability, security, operability and resilience in mind

·        Ensure products can be deployed rapidly, frequently, and safely

·        Effectively manage team dependencies when working across departmental boundaries


·        Creating the right environment that drives effective adoption of change process, incident process, continuous improvement around operational support;

·        Understanding, from a high-level perspective, the technical solutions, teams are implementing and delivering.

·        Experience in translating IT and business strategies into deliverable action plans

·        Experience in facilitating the delivery of high quality software solutions through teams

·        Experience in directly line managing team(s)

·        Broad range of experience gained across software delivery (Testing, Business Analysis, Development, Project Management)

·        Experience in delivering value from Agile methodologies

·        Experience in building release plans and roadmaps

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