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As a DevOps Cloud Platforms developer, you play a pivotal role in constructing and maintaining the backbone of cloud-based platforms and services. Your expertise in cloud technologies and passion for automation make you instrumental in driving innovation and efficiency, enabling our teams to deliver unparalleled value in the automotive and mobility sectors.

  • Cloud Platforms Management: Oversee the delivery and operation of cloud platforms and services, ensuring they are robust, agile, and capable of supporting a wide range of technological innovations.
  • Infrastructure Automation: Implement Infrastructure as Code using tools like Terraform and Ansible, streamlining and automating the deployment of cloud resources.
  • Container Ecosystems: Manage and optimize container ecosystems, including Kubernetes, ensuring seamless orchestration and deployment of containerized applications.
  • Cloud Networking: Administer cloud networking paradigms across platforms like Azure and AWS, focusing on routing, load balancing, network isolation, and security.
  • CI/CD Implementation: Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines using GitOps and various tools (GitHub Actions, Flux, ArgoCD), enhancing continuous integration and deployment processes.
  • DevSecOps Practices: Advocate for and implement DevSecOps approaches, ensuring secure, efficient, and compliant infrastructure management, including handling certificates, security scanning, and single sign-on solutions.
  • Scripting and Programming: Employ scripting and programming skills in languages like Python, Bash, and GoLang to automate tasks, optimize systems, and troubleshoot complex application ecosystems.


  • Experienced in delivering and operating cloud platforms and services.
  • Experienced with technologies such as Infrastructure as code (Terraform, Ansible), Container Ecosystem (Kubernetes, Container Registry), Secrets (Azure KeyVault, Hashicorp Vault, AWS KMS), Observability (Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, ELK, EFK), and others alike.
  • Experienced with Cloud Networking Paradigm (Azure, AWS) such as Routing, OSI Stack, LoadBalancers, NAT, Network Isolation, Security Groups.
  • Experienced with CI/CD approaches such as GitOps and tools (namely GitHub Actions, Flux, ArgoCD, Jenkins).
  • Experienced with public clouds such as AWS and Azure Managed Services such as AKS, EKS.
  • Be aware of DevSecOps approach and adoption needs (mTLS, Single Sign-On, Certificates, Nessus, Clair or Inspec are a plus).
  • Advocate of the DevOps mindset and self-servicing infrastructure-as-code with end-to-end responsibility.
  • Scripting, Programing using Python, Bash, GoLang and/or others.


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