Supply Chain Risk (SCR) Data Engineer


Job description

The service to be provided will be part of building a common solution of Supply Chain Risk Tool (SCR) for our Client Digital Industries.
Based on the existing solution for one of Business Units, the new solution should attend and serve all the other BU requirements and needs. SCR solution is a pro&reactive risk and impact analyses of supplier used for logistic steering and customer impact analysis based on Snowflake and Celonis.

To achieve this, our Client expects the following competences to be available at the service provider:
• Involvement in design meetings to understand client functional requirements.
• Implement the data architecture, including design of data models, metadata, security and reference data
• Design and develop data integration pipelines and transformations
• Create and maintain documentation


To deliver the above competences, our Client considers relevant consultants with a skillset and experience covering:
• Technical knowledge and proven experience in database, data integration and data architecture concepts
• Strong Knowledge/Experience in SQL (3y+)
• Experience with Snowflake and dbt (1y+)
• Knowledge in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) based application development, including source control systems (git)
• Experience communicating and dealing with different stakeholders

Our Client gives preference to consultants that also demonstrate competences in:
• Experience in projects with Data Visualization tools integration, in particular with Celonis EMS solutions

Consultants to be assigned to the service by provider should have analytical skills, willingness to learn and adopt new technologies, also should have experience or be familiar with an agile development methodology.

Is mandatory for the consultants to be business-fluent in English language (speaking and writing).

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