Software Engineer


Job description

Service Competence description:

Develop and maintain software applications using mainly Java and another high-level classbased language.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement effective tests, including acceptance, functional, and unit tests.


To achieve this, Client expects the following competences :

Hard Skills:

Strong knowledge and expertise in object-oriented programming, design patterns and good practices.
Proficiency in a compiled language such as Java, with familiarity in Typescript, .NET and more high-level class-based languages being advantageous.
Experience in designing and implementing tests, including acceptance, functional, and unit tests.
Familiarity with build automation and CI/CD platforms like GitLab CI, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions.
Solid understanding of package manager concepts, with practical experience in Gradle and at least one of these modern package managers (e.g. poetry, pip, or npm).
Experience with Software Bill of Materials formats, especially CycloneDx, is a plus.
Proficiency in bundling tools as OCI/Docker images and Kubernetes.

Soft Skills:

Strong willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and concepts.
Self-organizing approach to work, with the ability to manage and prioritize tasks effectively.
Analytical mindset to break down tasks into manageable subtasks.
Ability to collaborate and interact with the Inner Source community, with experience
contributing to open-source software being beneficial.

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