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Job description

About the role
The Applications PMO’s role is to support the Applications Projects’ Management teams. The focus of this role is to support the Strategic Projects facing issues, identifying the most impactful ones and creating remediation plans for them, following up on their execution, by setting up controls and KPIs to monitor the project’s status trend and the outcomes of the measures to turn it back to Green.

As a part of your job, you will:
Identify and analyze issues within strategic application projects and Develop remediation plans to address them;
Oversee the execution of remediation plans and ensure timely resolution;
Collaborate with project management teams to drive successful project outcomes;
Provide support to strategic application projects, ensuring alignment with organizational goals;
Collaborate with project management teams to enhance project success;
Establish project controls to monitor and manage project progress;
Implement control mechanisms to ensure adherence to project plans and timelines;
Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor project status and outcomes;
Regularly assess and report on project status trends using established KPIs;
Generate regular reports on project status and key metrics for stakeholders;
Communicate project progress, challenges, and resolutions effectively;
Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including project managers and other stakeholders;
Facilitate communication and coordination among project teams;
Identify and assess risks associated with strategic projects;
Develop risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans;
Identify opportunities for process improvement within the PMO and project management processes;
Implement best practices to enhance project delivery;
Stay up to date on emerging technologies/industry trends providing insights and advice on new opportunities and applying best practices into daily activities;
Be compliant with internal procedures, policies and guidelines, and external regulations;
Be aware of new opportunities/projects with customers.


What are we looking for?

Experience with PM, agile and waterfall (Mandatory)
Strategic thinking, deep understanding of the organization's goals and objectives, and being able to develop and implement a change strategy that aligns with these goals;
Strong Leadership, lead and inspire teams to achieve project goals, establish a shared vision, and provide guidance and support to team members;
Project management skills, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, risk management, and quality assurance;
Knowledge of waterfall/agile frameworks;
Analytical and with attention to detail, analyze data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve project performance. Must have strong attention to detail to ensure that all project deliverables meet the required quality standards and that there is a consistent approach to quality management throughout the project;
P&L / budgeting & forecasting knowledge;
People-oriented. Must be able to manage relationships with team members, customers, and vendors to ensure project success;
Negotiation and Facilitation capacity;
Excellent Communication skills, communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels, including team members, sponsors, clients, and partners, and be able to convey complex ideas in simple terms;
Conflict resolution;
Coaching good practices;
Business-oriented mindset;
Nice to have: Project Management certification (PMP, Prince2 or similar);

Personal traits:
Ability to adapt to different contexts, teams and Clients
Teamwork skills but also sense of autonomy
Motivation for international projects and ok if travel is included
Willingness to collaborate with other players
Strong communication skills

Locations: Lisbon, Oporto, Cairo, Dubai (75% time in Riyadh)

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