Senior PHP Symfony Developer

Job description

The client is based in Berlin, Germany and they develop and implement innovative eHealth solutions for hospitals. Due to the solid medium-sized financing and good sales situation, they are independent of short-term interests and have a sustainable position in the hospital market.
We are looking for 3 strong senior PHP Symfony Developers to develop and implement innovative eHealth solutions for hospitals.


-Minimum 6+ years of experience in development in total
-Highest PHP version he/she's been working on should be 8.X+
-Highest Symfony version he/she's been working on should be 5.X+
-The candidate must have experience with REST-API
-someone who can articulate themself technically and has personality
-fluent in English, both written and spoken
-at least three years of experience in website design and implementation with PHP8 or higher version, the Symfony Framework 5.4 (or similar PHP MVC Framework), Twig, Doctrine, MySQL, or MariaDB) and Javascript
-confident use of the Linux shell

Nice to have:
-experience in the type of coding the client is doing
-experience in server administration (Apache, MariaDB) / DevOps
-experience in server virtualization (VMware ESXi / Hyper-V)
-experience in the development of mobile applications
-The same or a similar timezone;
-Minor cultural differences

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