Scrum Master


Job description

The mission of this role is to ensure that development teams function fully, promoting collaboration and agile practices, updating and evolving existing processes, so that client delivers high quality products.

Cross-cutting responsibilities

• Guide teams in complying with agile scrum principles;

• Ensure the timely removal of impediments and facilitate conflict resolution;

• Foster collaboration between members of different teams;

• Facilitation of different agile ceremonies, ensuring that all participants participate and adhere to the defined processes;

• Collaborate closely with Product Owners and development teams to ensure effective communication;

• Promote continuous improvement through retrospective analysis and implementation of necessary adjustments;

• Produce and analyze relevant metrics to monitor performance and progress in the team;

• Prepare and present regular reports to interested parties, highlighting key performance indicators and areas for improvement;

• Responsible for complying with the policies and procedures of the integrated management system in force at client, including information security.


Technical skills (Hard Skills)

• Knowledge of agile principles and tools;

• Knowledge of backlog management;

• Solid knowledge of using Scrum;

Personal Skills (Soft skills)

• Teamwork;

• Conflict resolution;

• Communication;

• Adaptability;

• Leadership;

• Analytical ability;

• Customer orientation;

• Critical thinking;

• Resilience.


Previous experience

• Minimum experience of 2 years in a similar role;

• Experience using agile methods;

• Experience in facilitating meetings or developing workshops or training on agile methods


Qualifications to perform the role

• Higher education in Management IT, Information Management, Computer Engineering, or social areas such as psychology, management, sociology, etc.

• Scrum Master Certification

Full Time Remote

Resident in Portugal (preferred)

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