Release Manager


Job description

Ensure the Release Management lifecycle from scheduling to coordination between teams until it's on time, expected quality and within the budget deployment.

As a part of your job, you will:

  • Plan the release lifecycle guaranteeing communication and adjustments whenever needed;
  • Evaluate and maintain release management processes, quality gates, and deliverables;
  • Review and ensure completeness of release artifacts;
  • Ensure compliance with entry and exit governance criteria on every deployment;
  • Plan and communicate the release schedule and its updates to the stakeholders;
  • Monitor and control all release activities including emergency release ones;
  • Keep documentation related to procedures on build and release, notification lists, and dependencies up to date;
  • Facilitate the release planning and go-no-go sessions with stakeholders;
  • Manage and identify risks that may affect the release scope, its duration, and environments;
  • Suggest and implement improvements in the release management process and lifecycle;
  • Be compliant with internal procedures, policies and guidelines, and external regulations, promoting and reinforcing an ethical, safe, and healthy work environment;
  • Stay up to date on emerging technologies/industry trends providing insights and strategic advice on new opportunities and applying best practices into daily activities;
  • Support and coach junior team members contributing to their development.


What are we looking for?

  • High level concepts of infrastruture and environments;
  • Fluent in English and Portuguese;
  • Project Management skills, including planning, scheduling, risk management, and budget management;
  • Communication, to coordinate with stakeholders, including developers, QA teams, product owners, and business teams, to ensure clear communication throughout the release process;
  • Technical Competence/knowledge of software development and deployment processes, including version control, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and release automation tools;
  • Attention to Detail to ensure that all aspects of the release process are carefully planned and executed;
  • Problem-solving to identify potential issues and develop contingency plans to mitigate them. They should also be able to troubleshoot problems that arise during the release process;
  • Leadership skills to manage and motivate cross-functional teams involved in the release process;
  • Continuous Improvement, review, and evaluate the release process to identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes;
  • Change Management, should be able to manage change effectively, including communicating changes to stakeholders, assessing the impact of changes, and minimizing disruption to the organization;
  • Adaptability to changing requirements and priorities, including adjusting release schedules to accommodate new features or changes in priorities.

Personal traits:

  • Ability to adapt to different contexts, teams and Clients
  • Teamwork skills but also sense of autonomy
  • Motivation for international projects and ok if travel is included
  • Willingness to collaborate with other players
  • Strong communication skills


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