PKN Operation Service


Job description

Service Competence description:

The service to be provided is focused on supporting activities for PKN product (Product Knowledge Network), including maintenance and automation tasks on microservice-based application running on AWS. The application is a customized standard-software using a triplestore (Eccenca’s Corporate Memory & GraphDB), including integration of different source and target systems. PKN is a tool to manage interdependencies between products, between products and related assets (e.g. VideoLinks). These relationships can be built implicitly based on rules or explicitly based on connections between two products.

      • Fulfilling service requests and handling incidents to ensure a satisfying user experience
      • Defining and driving the implementation of change requests to improve the operations of the platform “Product Knowledge Network” (PKN)
      • Executing maintenance tasks and driving automation of the same
      • Support / Maintenance activities on:
            o Graph based applications (CMEM, Web frontend)
            o Interfaces to consumer/provider systems
            o Workflows for ETL automation based on third party software
            o Semantic web sales data based on RDF technology
      • Access management realized with Keycloak
      • Deployments of RDF ontologies based on Gitlab CI
      • Maintenance activities on AWS (S3, CloudWatch, EC2, etc)



      • > 1 years’ implementing data integration processes
      • Experience working with Cloud platforms (AWS, preferably)
      • Experience working with DevOps technologies (e.g. Git, Docker, CI/CD).
      • Ability to extract, transform, load and link data with common RDF technologies (ttl, SPARQL,OWL) or/and SQL Data base
      • Experience and Knowledge of RDF/SPARQL and Graph DB


      • Experience using Keycloak
      • Basic understanding of Linux
      • Basic understanding of Microservices architecture and operation
      • Basic knowledge of cyber security

You should have analytical skills, willingness to learn and adopt new technologies, also should have experience or be familiar with an agile development methodology. Is mandatory for the to be business-fluent in English language (speaking and writing).

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