NetBackup Consultant

Job description

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced NetBackup Administrator to join our team and play a critical role in safeguarding our data infrastructure.  This remote position offers the flexibility you crave while allowing you to leverage your expertise in a dynamic environment.


-Configure and manage NetBackup security certificates, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of backups.
-Manage and monitor BasicDisk and AdvancedDisk storage units, optimizing storage utilization.
-Provision storage and configure Media Server Deduplication Pools (MSDP) for efficient data deduplication.
-Leverage NetBackup Accelerator to optimize backup performance and data reduction.
-Configure backups, restore, and protect physical and virtual environments, including VMware deployments.
-Define and implement lifecycle policies (SLPs) to meet diverse backup and retention requirements.
-Secure and manage the NetBackup catalog, ensuring the integrity of backup metadata.
-Configure Write Once Read Many (WORM) Protection to safeguard critical data from unauthorized modification.
-Fine-tune NetBackup for optimal performance, identifying and resolving bottlenecks.
-Generate insightful reports using NetBackup OpsCenter and NetBackup IT Analytics to gain valuable data insights.
-Identify and utilize NetBackup troubleshooting resources to diagnose and resolve issues effectively.
-Maintain a robust security posture by implementing NetBackup security features to protect your data.
-Prepare for and plan for potential disasters, ensuring business continuity through effective disaster recovery strategies.
-Optimize backup performance with deduplication technologies, ensuring efficient restores and rehydration of deduplicated data.
-Safeguard and recover the MSDP catalog, the foundation of deduplication storage.
-Configure NetBackup for application-consistent backups and recovery of platforms like Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and VMware, ensuring seamless application protection.
-Secure and configure containerized applications running in Docker and Kubernetes environments.
-Work with NetBackup APIs to automate tasks and integrate with other systems.
-Configure and utilize Bare Metal Backup and Restore for comprehensive system recovery.
-Develop and implement policies for legacy environments and generic application backups.
-Leverage your expertise in configuring, administering, and operating Quantum, IBM, and Datadomain robotic storage systems.
-Demonstrate strong knowledge in configuring Fiber Channel SANs for efficient data storage networking.
-Maintain strong administrative skills for both Linux (RedHat) and Windows server environments.


-Proven experience configuring, managing, and optimizing NetBackup environments.
-In-depth knowledge of NetBackup security features and best practices.
-Experience with storage management concepts, including deduplication and MSDP.
-Familiarity with data protection and disaster recovery strategies.
-Experience with application-consistent backups and recovery for various platforms.
-Strong understanding of Linux (RedHat) and Windows Server administration.
-Experience with Fiber Channel SANs and robotic storage systems (Quantum, IBM, Datadomain) is a plus.
-Experience working with NetBackup APIs is a plus.
-Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
-Strong communication, collaboration, and documentation skills.
-Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks effectively.
-A passion for learning and staying up-to-date with the latest NetBackup technologies.

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