Knowledge Graph Data Architect


Job description

We are looking for a professional focused on data architect and data engineer role for PKN product (Product Knowledge Network), including conceptualize, develop and advising activities. The application is customized standard-software using a triplestore (Eccenca’s Corporate Memory & GraphDB), including integration of different source and target systems. PKN is a tool to manage interdependencies between products, between products and related assets. These relationships can be built implicitly based on rules or explicitly based on connections between two products.

To achieve this, our client expects the following competences:
• Conceptualizing functional change requests / new requirements into architectural concepts (‘data architect’) regarding:
-Knowledge graph-based applications (CMEM by Eccenca, Web frontend)
-Interfaces to consumer/provider systems based on kafka streaming technology
-Workflows for ETL automation based on third party software
• Gathering and clarify Requirements
• Continuous improvement of application as part of change requests and service requests
• Implementing or adjusting workflows in an enterprise knowledge graph platform
• Verify and consolidate application architectural requirements


To deliver the above competences, we are looking for the following skillset and experience:
• Semantic Technologies: Proficiency in RDF, OWL, RDFS, semantic web vocabularies (DC, FOAF, SKOS), and other Semantic Web technologies for describing RDF data
• Graph validation, such as SHACL
• Experience in graph databases (e.g. GraphDB) and RDF query languages like SPARQL (semantic query languages for databases)
• Data Engineering: Strong foundation in traditional data engineering concepts, including ETL processes, data streaming, and database management
• Basic knowledge in AWS (S3, ECS, EKS, Cloudwatch)
• Ontology Design and Development: Ability to create and manage ontologies that accurately represent the knowledge in a specific domain
• Intermediate knowledge of Git (e.g. CI/CD)
• Basic knowledge of cyber security concepts
• Basic knowledge on programming languages, like Python, Java, or JavaScript

We give preference to consultants that also demonstrate competences in:
• At least 3 years of proven relevant professional experience in global IT operations, preferably in the semantic web environment and with SaaS and cloud solutions
• Advanced knowledge of Agile methodologies and DevOps approach
• Knowledge on Event driven architectures and experience with Apache Kafka (e.g., Confluent)

You should also have analytical skills, willingness to learn and adopt new technologies, also should have experience or be familiar with an agile development methodology. Is mandatory to be business-fluent in English language (speaking and writing).

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