IT Service Manager


Job description

The Service Manager´s main task is to manage Cloud based platform. The applications running in the cloud (AWS) are microservices for internal applications.

The Service Manager tasks mainly are:
- Manage tickets via Internal ITSM tool.
- Log / Manage development items in Azure DevOps.
- Manage Project related activities. - Handle service escalations
- Create, update, and improve service documentation.
- Transfer and report the completed IT components/functions from projects into operation.
- Manage service budget in alignment with service owner.
- Tendering, selection and ordering of services.
- Supplier management and delivery monitoring/reporting
- Manage and improve overall Service in many aspects, being performance, reliability, scalability, security always focusing on value creation for the business.

Other relevant task related to cloud services:
1. Service Management: Manage and optimize cloud services, including infrastructure, platforms, and applications, to ensure high availability and performance.
2. Resource Planning: Monitor resource utilization and plan for capacity scaling as necessary to support business growth.
3. Security and Compliance: Implement and enforce security policies, compliance standards, and best practices to safeguard data and meet regulatory requirements.
4. Cost Management: Monitor cloud costs and work towards optimizing spending while maintaining service quality.
5. Incident Response: Develop and execute incident response plans to minimize downtime and service disruptions.
6. Automation and Optimization: Implement automation tools and practices to streamline operations and improve efficiency.
7. Team Leadership: Lead and mentor a team of cloud engineers and administrators, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
8. Documentation and Reporting: Maintain comprehensive documentation and provide regular reports on cloud service performance and key metrics to stakeholders.


The person delivering the service should have the following competencies:
- Current ITIL certification
- Practical work experience in software or devops engineering
- Basic understanding of software or IT systems
- Basic understanding of cloud and/or cloud experience
- Business-fluent English (speaking & writing)

Expected Softskills:
- Able to work independently while being Team Player
- Good Communication and Negotiation skills
- Customer & Results oriented.
- Proactive and Analytic
- Continuous Improvement mindset
- Organizational skills and quality orientation

Further Qualifications:
- At least 5 years of proven relevant professional experience in global IT operations, preferably in the support or development of SaaS and cloud solutions
- Involvement in building IT solutions or operating IT solutions from a service perspective
- Monitoring and reporting KPIs, setting up SLA and OLA agreements.
- Advanced knowledge of Agile way of working and the DevOps approach in previous tasks
- Experience with service providers, Management and monitoring of services

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