Front-End Test Automation Engineer


Job description

You rock at

JavaScript (mandatory)
  • Breaking things and finding problems!
  • Knowing how web applications are used by customers and how that translates into what needs to be tested.
  • Designing test scenarios, scripts or procedures that fit with the concepts of Test Automation and Continuous Delivery
  • Creating resilient automated test suites to exercise Web and Mobile applications with tools like Selenium, Selenide, Cypress, Playwright, Nighwatch.js, etc.
  • Being self-driven and working with little supervision towards a common team or company purpose.
  • Being motivated to keep learning about test automation

What you will be doing

  • Validating that what you'll be delivering, as a team, meets the business expectations all the way to, and including, Production
  • Continuously find ways to improve the quality of the product
  • Implementing mechanisms to mitigate regressions as much as possible, while continuously validating the quality of what's being delivered
  • Evangelize quality standards in the team! Quality is the responsibility of absolutely everyone, but you're there to make sure they don't forget :)
  • Be the advocate the user (and the business) needs! Your input is invaluable to providing the most user-friendly experience possible
  • Actively participate and contribute to solution designs


  • Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban
  • Leading quality assurance processes and functional testing
  • Working with Software Engineers to ensure the right levels of test automation are built to your standards
  • Being versatile. Times change and with them so do requirements, meaning that you may be asked to switch between projects and, consequently, tech stacks. Hence, although we don’t require a specific knowledge of any language, you are expected to be comfortable with high-level programming, in general. (Java, C#, Node.js, Python, etc)
  • Testing web applications
  • Using source control systems (preferably Git)

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