Data Scientist / Python Developer


Job description

  1. Individual Plant Model Setup:
  1. Adapt plant model structures based on specific plant data.
  2. Analyze past operation data, check limits, and update regression lines.


  1. Data Validation and Testing:
  1. Validate business data against past operations data, ensuring compliance with upper and lower limits, ramping speeds, etc.
  2. Test optimization models against historical data and the plant model.


  1. Technical Integration:
  1. Coordinate the technical integration process, including connections to Historian, LMPC, etc.


  1. Communication and Coordination:
  1. Engage in effective communication with business and ROC (Remote Operations Center) regarding assumptions, constraints, and test results.
  2. Support value estimation by running scenarios against simulations and past data.


  1. Test Management:
  1. Manage tests, ensuring execution and thorough analysis.
  2. Perform self-driven checks, interpret test results, and propose improvement actions.


  1. Continuous Optimization:
  1. Establish and maintain optimization models to run continuously.
  2. Monitor run performance and take proactive actions if runs deviate from expectations.


  1. Reporting and Alignment:
  1. Provide self-driven status reports on plant optimization.
  2. Align development actions with project management for seamless integration.


  • Knowledge of coding in Python
  • Skills in data analysis & visualization (Python based)
  • Knowledge of regression & linear optimization (Python based, SKLearn)

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