Cloud Security Engineer


Job description

·       Build the security of the public cloud

·       Contribute to the definition & implementation public cloud security strategy based on risks, threat landscape, technology evolution and group IT strategy

·       Contribute to the definition, communication and implementation of public cloud security policies/standards;

·       Support Cybersecurity Projects in public cloud, in coordination with group digital & IT team;

·       Support public cloud teams in implementation of security into project and risk management;

·       Implement security by design solutions and controls for public cloud standard;

·       Contribute to public cloud security governance (including committees and Dashboards);

·       Security Watch on vulnerability and trends regarding public cloud technologies.

Support Business’ public cloud initiatives :

·       Raising the overall security level of public cloud stakeholders through awareness and trainings;

·       Contribute to the build & animation of the group public cloud security chapter/community;

·       Support local security officers on public cloud security topics.


Deliver security operation for public cloud platforms:

·       Ensure the management of security into RUN activities (IAM, vulnerability, exception, flow opening, etc.);

·       Deliver continuous security compliance (control tower), monitoring (SIEM) & periodical reporting;

·       Steer the implementation of continuous remediation and improvement plans;

·       Ensure Cybersecurity incidents management on his/her perimeter and contribute to resolution on major incidents or crisis;


Support the enhancement of the SecOps Dashboard

Provide training on engineering activities for Security Officers

Collaborate on security notes/guidelines/standards/processes for global cyber security teams.

Support and advise security officers on cloud security, hardening guides, gap analysis, DPSAT cloud topics, and risk assessment. 

Participate and contribute to Cybersecurity Forums, Communities, and steering committees.

Support Cyber Security Incident Management process (by defining alerting operating procedures

Support on RUN activities for Public Cloud Security scope.

Steer the implementation of continuous remediation and improvement plans for Public Cloud scope.

Support on applying Public Cloud security strategy.

Support the development of KPIs and KRIs and their monitoring.

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