Business Owners

Job description

Our client developed a portal in Sales Force to centralize all the contacts with their suppliers in 8 countries and needs to rollout that solution and migrate the data from other tools to this new portal.

The job will require:

• Prior experience and exposure of managing multi markets scenarios in Towerco or Operator landscape as part of core operations

• Prior experience of implementing processes on system, preferably Sitetracker or Salesforce so that there is good understanding of data object relationship and it's correlation with business processes required to be implemented

• Understanding the data lineage through its lifecycle through source and target and ability to apply logical reasoning in order to facilitate reporting and dashboarding

• Experience of documenting user guides for core processes of Towerco and ability to showcase its interaction between business processes and how the system needs to be used so that it can also be used for the purpose of onboarding different users across different markets and processes

• Review of data dictionary that is prepared centrally by SI Team and identify areas of improvement to simplify the deliverable so that it can be clearly interpreted by business users

• Participate in daily stand ups with SI and shadow the business owner to provide guidance to SI and QA Team

• Identify risks and mitigate them or prepare a plan of action in case there are gaps between business process expected and outcome of solution implemented in the system

• Working in Agile Methodology with experience in Release and Sprint planning, review of story points and prioritising / refining the backlog

• Lead the discussion with local markets and head of departments so that important business processes which will benefit all markets or VT as an organisation is prioritised over individual market demands

• Have the ability to communicate both upwards and downwards in the organisation as key pillar and bridge for alignment of expectations and provide guidance

• Have demonstrated strong documentation skills before and ability to keep the documentation upto date in line with latest releases - new processes, update on an existing process, new feature, new functionality, update on existing functionality

• Added advantage would be if the candidate has had prior experience of working in business integrations where key processes traverse through different system landscape while maintaining the source of truth - it's important for the end result as this will finally impact VTs customer or customer billing

• Have a dynamic mindset and ability to hit the ground running and learn on the job as No or very limited training time is accounted for

• Good understanding of Sitetracker data object model or architecture and functionalities of Salesforce in order to quickly understand pros and cons of implementation of business processes


+ 5 years of experience as Business Owner
+ 5 years of experience in Telecommunications (Towerco or Telco)
Knowledge and Experience in Sales Force
High level of English: oral and written
Full remote Job, which means you can be everywhere in the world
Project duration: 16 months
You will be trained in TIMS platform in the beginning of the project
You need to be available in 45 days, maximum

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