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Job description

A Blockchain Architect/SME/Specialist is responsible for designing and implementing enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. They have extensive knowledge of blockchain technology and its applications in various industries. They work closely with business stakeholders, technical teams, and vendors to ensure that the blockchain solution meets the organization's requirements.

As a part of your job, you will:

Design and implement enterprise-grade blockchain solutions using various blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, or Corda;
Develop the overall blockchain architecture and define the technical requirements for the solution;
Provide guidance and expertise to technical teams during the development and deployment of blockchain solutions;
Collaborate with business stakeholders to understand their requirements and pain points;
Develop business cases and proposals to support the adoption of blockchain technology;
Conduct feasibility studies to evaluate the viability of blockchain-based solutions;
Ensure the security, performance, and scalability of blockchain systems;
Stay up-to-date with the latest blockchain technology developments and trends;


What are we looking for?

BsC and/or MsC in Computer Science or similar;
Previous experiencie with DLT/blockchain technologies;
Extensive knowledge of blockchain technology and its applications in different industries;
Experience in designing and implementing enterprise-grade blockchain solutions;
Understanding of enterprise architecture and integration with existing systems;
Knowledge of regulatory and compliance requirements for blockchain solutions;
Ability to collaborate with stakeholders from different departments to identify business requirements;
Strong problem-solving and analytical skills;
Familiarity with cloud infrastructure and deployment models;
Understanding of DevOps processes and tools such as Docker and Kubernetes;
Excellent communication and leadership skills;
Ability to design and develop smart contracts and DApps;
Strong understanding of consensus algorithms, encryption techniques, and cryptographic protocols;
Experience with testing frameworks for smart contracts and blockchain applications;
Experience with blockchain tools and libraries such as Web3.js, Ether.js, Truffle, or Ganache;
Knowledge of database management systems such as SQL or NoSQL;
Experience with version control tools such as Git.

Personal traits:

Ability to adapt to different contexts, teams and Clients

Teamwork skills but also sense of autonomy

Motivation for international projects and ok if travel is included

Willingness to collaborate with other players

Strong communication skills

We want people who like to roll up their sleeves and open their minds. Believe this is you? Come join the Team!

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