Backend Software Engineer - GO


Job description

As a Backend Software Engineer you’ll be part of the development working on building a large service-oriented architecture in an exciting and thriving industry.


We’re looking for Backend Engineers (Go focus) with at least 4 years of experience who have an appetite for solving complex and interesting problems. Our focus is to develop with high standards, observability, pace and a holistic view of the backend platform in the back of your mind.


National and international expected traveling time varies according to project/client and organizational needs: 0%-15% estimated.

What you will be doing


  • Developing and maintaining features in a collaborative, Agile environment;
  • Writing testable code and ensuring the test coverage stays at the agreed level;
  • Documenting your code;
  • Take ownership of your code every step of the way - from development to deployment and maintenance;
  • Diagnose issues in production and devise solutions for them;
  • Work both autonomously and collaboratively to complete tasks;
  • Be an integral part of solutions design and implementation.


  • Service oriented architectures, design patterns and data structures
  • Test automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Operational aspects, building and running highly performant applications
  • Working with relational and non relational databases
  • Leveraging different cloud provider such as GCP or AWS
  • Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and DevOps

You Rock At

  • Being self-driven, self-organized and working with little supervision towards a common team and company purpose
  • Go programming language and least 1 other backend language, for example, Java
  • Building highly concurrent, transactional and resilient services
  • Working with different network and communication protocols, HTTP, gRPC, Pub/Sub, etc.
  • Building easily maintainable and robust APIs in GO

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