AWS DevOps Service


Job description

Job Description:

The focus is on defining, planning, architecting, and implementing solutions for cloud environments based on AWS, employing robust DevOps practices and tools.

Your role will involve:

  • Understanding and implementing complex requirements using best practices.
  • Providing accurate effort estimates for tasks.
  • Contributing to technical improvements.
  • Collaborating directly with customers to establish high-level solutions and architectures.
  • Working closely with agile teams to implement solutions.


To excel in this role, you should possess:

  • Experience supporting multiple projects across various technologies.
  • Proficiency in implementing complex requirements using client cloud policies and security best practices.
  • Ability to analyze demands and derive cloud-based target architectures, with a focus on infrastructure and platform.
  • Strong architectural design skills to bridge technical possibilities with business demands and foster innovation.
  • Expertise in enabling functional teams with technical expertise and implementing technical concepts and solutions.
Preferred Competences:
  • Minimum 3 years of experience implementing and operating AWS DevOps solutions and defining cloud infrastructure requirements.
  • Proficiency in AWS services such as EC2, RDS, CloudFront, ECS, EKS, CloudWatch, S3, and API Gateway.
  • Experience in network skills including TCP protocols, DNS, routing, NAT, firewall, and VPN knowledge.
  • Cloud security skills encompassing certificates, key management, secrets, VPC, and security groups.
  • Familiarity with DevOps tooling like Docker, GitLab, GitLab CI, Terraform, PostgreSQL, IAM, and Redis.
  • Hands-on experience with monitoring and logging tools setup.
  • Proficiency in Linux systems and implementing container solutions.
  • Understanding of modern software technologies and their applications.
  • Commitment to cybersecurity principles and providing secure solutions.
  • Experience working as part of international, virtual teams and collaborating with external partners.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Hybryd model in Lisbon

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