Application Production Support


Job description

Application Production support is responsible for Production stability and healthiness. Therefore, according to ITIL standards, the Application Production support team is primarily involved in the following activities:
• New applications on-boarding (following project implementation).
• Access Management.
• Incident management.
• Problem management.
• Change management.
• Request management.

Application Production support team’s activity is focused on technical application support: installation, updates, fixes, and investigations.
For each activity: incident, change & request, Application Production support team should plan, dispatch and manage first level of escalation.
New applications on boarding obviously impacts incident, change & request activities.
For a scope of applications, the access management is also handled by Application Production support.
Beyond these main activities, Lisbon Application Production support team can be involved in other activities depending on Bank needs.

IT Production architectures are relying on major technical standards.

Tasks description
Bank is expecting a high level of quality. This is also reflected by the quality of the deliverables:
• Technical deliverables: all technical actions must comply with the highest standards. Particularly, all standards, security and compliance rules must be strictly applied. All technical actions must be carried out in a way to ensure easy future maintenance and avoid rework.
• Incident Management: tickets must be properly filled with all details necessary for incident analysis and problem management. Summary reporting has also to be provided daily.
• Change Management: changes must be properly prepared before the change. A formal meeting for preparation must be setup for every change. Tickets must be properly filled with all details necessary to assess result of the change. Summary reporting has also to be provided daily.
• Request Management: tickets must be properly filled, and excellent client communication must be ensured during the whole request process. Summary reporting has also to be provided daily.
• Continuous Improvement: Bank applies widely lean management. Beyond that, continuous improvement is key to achieve the high-quality IT Production which is expected by Bank clients. Bank is heavily focusing on better incident management with compliance with Time To Repair (TTR) and incident reduction. Companies participating to the present tender are also expected to present their capabilities in this area.
• Crisis management: IT Production support activity is highly critical, and its team is at the frontline when unfortunately, a crisis happens. With current setup, reaction time is as fast as possible during a crisis and Application Production support team has shown high competence and dedication to solve crisis with a precisely organized setup.
• Performance Indicators: Performance indicators include performance targets.


Main technologies:

• OS: Linux, Unix (HP-UX, AIX and Solaris), Windows
• Clustering: HP-UX, Veritas clusters
• SGBD : Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, PostgreSQL
• Scheduling: Autosys
• Application server: Websphere
• File/message transfer: CFT, Winigate, MQ series
• Backup: TSM
• Alerting: Nimsoft, Splunk, Dynatrace
• Ticketing: ServiceNow, Jira
• Deployment: Ansible
• Fluent written and spoken English.

The above is reflected on a total of 3 Applications supported

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