Find out what to consider when choosing an outsourcing partner

October 25, 2023

Outsourcing practice has evolved over the years and is now widely recognised as an effective IT management strategy. A study by Mordor Intelligence points out that the global IT outsourcing market was valued at $ 526.6 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $ 686.3 billion by 2027.

Fear of external entities entering key departments has given rise to recognition of the value of enhanced services, such as agility and efficiency of the selection process, access to specialised expertise and process optimisation, and reduced administrative costs.

In this sense, for outsourcing strategies to be considered competitive advantages, the way must go hand in hand with trust, and in the sense of a true partnership, that can significantly impact business success. These relationships are based on the alignment of various factors and must be closely linked to corporate culture and values.

1. People Management

It is essential to know the teams of both sides and appreciate the talent of the supplier. We are talking about services, but in the end, it's about people, and the well-being of employees must be a priority. Partners concerned about their teams' proper management and satisfaction will certainly have a more motivated and committed workforce.

2. Adaptability

In addition, the ability to quickly adapt to change and resolve conflicts focusing on common objectives is the line between successful and unlikely partnerships. According to Rhodes' research, the main advantage of IT outsourcing is the effective management of day-to-day relationships in terms of conflict management, expectations, etc.

3. Compatibility

The need to have the same innovation goals, processes and technologies in a global and bidirectional relationship is equally important. A true partner makes questions, analyses, plans, introduces new ideas into discussions, introduces scenarios, and always shares feedback.

4. Collaboration

The collaboration between companies and outsourcing providers may be the key element because it leads to a better understanding of the needs of the organisation. Working together, both will have a broader view of the company's objectives and services, which can lead to more personalised, assertive, and effective solutions.

5. Communication

Open and transparent communication is the result of a trusted relationship and is crucial to the success of any business relationship, especially in outsourcing relationships where feedback on suppliers' performance ensures a level of expectations.

In short, choosing an outsourcing partner is not only about knowledge but also a strategic decision that requires careful analysis. It is about finding a specialised partner who guarantees the existence of a mutually cooperative relationship and can rely on it to deal with important and sensitive corporate issues. A partner who cares not only about results but also about all those involved in the process and who cares about improving the efficiency of the organisations with which he works.


Multivision is an IT Consulting Company with a multidisciplinary team specialized in Telecommunications and Information Technology services. 

Known for providing innovative solutions since 2007, we cover various business needs, from offering strategic counselling and developing cutting-edge software to hiring the most skilled tech talents through outsourcing and nearshore strategies. 

We can sum up our philosophy with one simple idea: Create growth. For us, for our customers, for our teams, and also for our community. “Grow to make you grow” is both our motto and our ultimate goal.

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